Sharing My Work

June 14, 2017 othermod 1

New tabs are being added to some of the store items, starting with the On/Off Board. These new tabs will give schematics, components, and gerber […]

PSPi 1000 Version 4

May 6, 2017 othermod 57

8/19/17 I’ve hacked together enough code to get the joystick and battery detection working on the Pi Zero. It’s not anywhere near complete and is […]

PSPi 1000 Version 3

February 15, 2017 othermod 140

Visit the Store page to order I’ll continue to update the guide as needed. This build takes the PSPi into new territory. This majority of the […]

Giveaway – February 2017

February 1, 2017 othermod 43

Giveaway is complete. Congrats to skut for winning Next month’s giveaway is going to be very exciting.  Last month’s giveaway was pretty successful, so let’s do it […]

No Picture

PSPi 1000 Version 2.1

January 29, 2017 othermod 54

The PSPi 1000 Version 2.1 Kits are available, so this page is here to show the assembly process. The video shows the assembly, and the written […]

Simple Joystick Using LM339

November 20, 2016 othermod 8

This tutorial describes one method of adding joystick function to your Raspberry Pi projects. This is the simplest method to set up, and it uses the same […]

PSPi 1000 Version 2

July 10, 2016 othermod 69

This project is now complete. I’ve posted a video below of PSPi 1000 Version 2 in action. Please continue to ask questions in the forum. I’m […]