Halloween Giveaway – October 2023

I’m happy to announce the first PSPi 6 Giveaway. It’s been a while since I did one of these.

I’m still hard at work on the new PSPi, getting both the hardware and software ready for the release. I recently ordered a larger batch of prototype boards, and I’ve been testing and modifying them in preparation for the eventual release and for testing by other people. I have some extras that I would rather have in your hands than in a box in my office.

The giveaway is hosted on my Discord channel, under “Announcements”. I also have a second giveaway going for supporters, and that is under “supporters-only” in the same Discord channel. It will include a mostly untouched PSPi 6 board and headphone board, and will be in the condition it arrives in from JLCPCB. It will arrive with firmware already flashed, but will require some soldering for the USB connector, barrel jack, headphone connector, and joystick contact pads, and will need a couple tweaks to fix the minor hardware bugs. I can’t include a CM4 Carrier because I don’t have any spare ones.

I’ll announce the winners when giveaway is complete.

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