New image for the PSPi Zero Version 5

New images for the PSPi Zero Version 5 image are up for the Raspberry Pi Zero and Pi Zero 2 W. They include all the improvements since the initial release in August of last year.

The new gamepad driver runs more efficiently, and (because is doesn’t use pngview anymore) no longer causes audio hitches in games that push the CPU to its limits.
The driver has a new battery OSD built-in, and is activated and deactivated by holding the left and right triggers for a few seconds.
All Raspbian updates are installed (as of 2/2/22).
Both images have “sleep” mode enabled, where putting the power switch in the Hold position will cause the board to enter a slightly lower power state, disables most input, and turn off the LCD.

The following hotkeys are now properly configured:
Select is now the hotkey in games
Hotkey+Right Shoulder is Save State
Hotkey+Left Shoulder is Load State
Hotkey+Right is Input State Slot Increase
Hotkey+Left is Input State Slot Decrease

4 thoughts on “New image for the PSPi Zero Version 5

  • August 1, 2022 at 7:58 am

    I tried to download the new images via torrent for some days now, but the download never starts (using torrent for the first time, I would think, that nobody seeds it, when I am online?).
    Could you make them available via any other method?

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