PSPi V4 PCB and Schematic Files

Updated 1/12/20. Changes are in bold.

The v4 kit is no longer available for purchase.

I’m changing direction a bit, and we will see how it turns out. I’m sharing the gerber file for the newest revision of v4. This will let you guys make your own kits if you want a real challenge.The schematics for this PCB revision (PCB 1.4) will not be shared because they just aren’t in a sharable condition. I’m re-creating the schematics from the ground up for v5, and they are shared below. As of 1/12/20 I am still working on the first prototype. If possible, please help support my work by using some of the affiliate links below when you purchase the components. If you make this board for resale, please at least let people know where the original design came from.

Gerber File

Gerber_Version 4 PCB 1.4

PCB is 0.8mm thick

PCB for PSPi v4.1.4

This is just the PCB. The schematics won’t be made available for v4.1.4. The schematics for the next PSPi version are viewable as the design is completed, and you can find that next version (still a work in progress) here.

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The component labeling is not typical. Instead of giving each component a different name (R1, R2, etc), identical components all have the same name. For example, if a component is labeled R3, it will always be 10K. This made it easier for me and my wife to assemble. I added links for most of the components. Please let me know if a link stops working.


R1-10R for 20mA LCD or 5R for 40mA LCD 0805
R2-10R 0805
R3-10K 0805
R4-270R 0805
R5-150R 0805
R6-4.7K 0805
R7-1.2K 0805
R8-Not Used
R9-1K 0805
R10-20K 0805
R11-7.68K 0805
R12-330R 0805
R13-100K 0805
R14-300K 0805
R15-10K 0805
RL-Not Used 1206


C1-1uF 0805
C2-220nF 0805
C3-10uF 0805
C4-33nF 0805
C5-100nF 0805
C6-47uF 1206
C9-Not Used 1206



IC2-PAM8302 SOP8


IC4-MP3302 SOT23-5



IC7-Battery Protection DW01A

IC8-Dual FET 8205A



IC11-SI4562 N/P-FET







L1 – SRN4012TA-4R7M

A2 – MLZ2012M330WT000


FPC1 – 10-pin Low Profile (under 1.5mm height) FPC 0.5mm Connector

FPC2 – 40-pin Low Profile (under 1.5mm height) FPC 0.5mm Connector

FPC3 – 24-pin Low Profile (under 1.5mm height) FPC 0.5mm Connector

FPC4 – 15-Pin CSI FPC 1.0mm Connector

PSP DC Input Connector

MicroSD Connector (prior to use, I recommend a 24 hour rinse in >90% isopropyl alcohol to remove a film on the contact pads)

2×20 Pin Header

mUSB Connector


T962A Reflow Oven

Solder Paste

M2.5 Standoffs

M2.5 Screws

4.3″ HannStar HSD043I9W1 40mA LCD

CSI Cable

JST-SH-4 Horizontal

JST-SH-4 Vertical

JST-SH-8 Horizontal

JST-PH-2 Horizontal

Joystick Contact Pads 1.3mmx0.5mm

USB Pogo Pins

microSD Pogo Pins

Audio Slide Switch

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  • November 30, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    Hi, I’m trying to order all of the parts (to build a board) and I have found just about all of your components on DigiKey and Mouser, although some of the components I still have to get through Aliexpress. But I’m having trouble locating the mUSB connector board you used. I’ve searched for it on all of the main sights but can’t find the same one. If you can link where you got the mUSB connector board I’d be very grateful.

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