September 17, 2021 Update

The follow-up Monoprice Maker Ultimate gantry repair video is almost ready, and I should release that early next week. It’s very difficult to film some of the alignment, and editing is taking some time. This will probably be the last MMU video for at least a couple months, so I can focus on the other projects for a bit. I still have many things to show, such as swapping the extruder and gantry for UM2 and UM3 parts, and those will come as I’m able to film them. The first video showing the teardown and case modification is here:

PSPi Zero Version 5 boards sold out earlier today, and I’m building a batch of them now. I expect those to be available next Thursday. I very much appreciate all the purchases. Head over to the page and enter your email address if you want a notification when they are back.

The PSPi Compute design work is back on. The out-of-stock components are now either back in stock or replaced with components that are more available. Hoping to have a new prototype in my hands in a few weeks. I made a few changes recently, and I think I can use full 24-bit DPI for display now that I’ve hunted down the functions on the undocumented pins. Be on the lookout for updates soon.

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