PSPi Zero Version 5 and Headphone Board


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*Compatible with the new Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W.*
*Watch this video for my initial thoughts.*

New version of the PSPi for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s designed to sip as little power as possible.

PSPi Version 5 Mainboard
Headphone Board
JST-SH interface wire for connection between PSPi and Headphone boards
Stacking header for the Raspberry Pi Zero
3 M2.5 Screws to mount the Raspberry Pi Zero

The feature description page is here.
The assembly guide is here.

To complete the build, you need the following:
4.3″ 800×480 LCD (available here) or 480×272 LCD from PSPi Version 4
Raspberry Pi Zero, Pi Zero W, or Zero 2 W
Battery with JST PH 2.0mm connector (available here and here)
microSD card
USB to miniUSB adapter (available here)
PSP Charger (can be the original PSP charger, PSP USB charging cable, or miniUSB cable)
A mostly-complete 1000-series PSP (original fat version)

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The design files are open source. Feel free to use them to make your own PSPi or to improve your own project.

If you want to support these open-source designs with a one-time or recurring donation, or you can support on Patreon, Locals, or

Additional information

Weight .125 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 5 × 1 in


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