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Pspi Pro Features everyone will like to see

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The list of features which every handheld gamer would like to see in Pspi:

1. Bluetooth and Wifi (can be achieved by pi zero WH)

2. Old outdated usb port to be replaced by USB C

3. HDMI (Mini/Micro) to be added

4. Full fledge linux OS at the base so that people can even use it as a desktop on the go

5. 2-4 GB RAM

6. Internal wires free by putting ribbon cables/ pogo pins/ solders from PCB to other components and pi zero can be attached and replaced just like RAM in laptop or PCs

7. The umd drive can be replaced with some small quite fan to have active cooling of the components

8. traditional memory card storage to standard memory card storage which is easily available

9. Camera

10. IR to use it as a remote for smart home features (IoT devices)


I hope these ideas can be reality someday with PSP form factor to make it a last and most advanced handheld device everyone wants to own


Best Regards,

Gaurav Malhotra