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PSONE, PISTATION, 95% finished project

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This is the first Raspberry Pi project i have done. It is a PSone case with a INTERACT portable screen. I used all the original ports and PSU to make it look like a PSone system. I hacked up a memory card in to a WiFi dongle and acts as an usb hub with two ports for mouse and keyboard. I used the original AV cable for the PSone to hook it up to RCA ports to the TV and the portable screen.

Here is the finished system.



Here it is with out the screen attached. 



The memory card.

Top with case

Bottom with case

The guts of the memory card.

   As a after thought i should of moved the USB ports to the sides and not on the front side by side.

The crazy mess that is on the inside (not finished because i forgot to take one but its mostly there). This shows the BUC converter, power switch circuit and the PlayStation controller to usb adapter. The blue light on the memory card is the WiFi indicator. I didn't hook anything to the second memory card port yet, but i am thinking of making it in to my SD card port so i can use it without taking the whole thing apart. I am also thinking of adding HDMI through the original video port and making a modified adapter, PSone AV to HDMI. Not sure how well it will work but when i get some time ill try. Also, was thinking of making a switch to go from RCA to HDMI again not sure when or how yet but some day hopefully.

Here is the Pin out and schematic i made to use the PlayStation A/V port to Raspberry pi B+ composite audio video jack

I used The LCD, Audio amp and the advanced power switch circuit from this site. Every thing worked grate and had no issues with anything i got from here. I just wanted to thank othermod for the circuits.  

Thanks for reading through



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Cool project. Thanks for posting it.