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Raspberry Pi with wifi inside a psp

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So first of all hello everyone this is the first time i have ever registered on a forum,i kinda need some help.

I want to transform my psp(1000) into a portable computer and  be able to browse internet,run some emulators and watch media on Kodi etc...basically i want a console with a touchscreen with media functions because the web browsing would be mostly youtube.

What do i need to build this and how much would it cost?

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Hi there !

Well, the bundle from Othermod, it's a very good start.

EDIT : you will need the raspberry pi zero W for the wifi. Makes the all process just easier.

After if you want to transform the PSP into a portable computer this is already more tricky. Remember the screen is tiny. If you want to connect the PSP to a screen you will need to modify some stuff as the tutorial from Othermod doesn't talk about that. Go for the V2 then.

I made a build (software) that you will be able to find here

For the hardware part you have to follow the tuto from othermod which is just perfect.

About the touchscreen, I have no idea but I would say that it would not work out, but Othermod will confirm that.

Watch this and if this is what you are looking for, read my post on the forum



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Thanks Assomnia

Mustang3027  - Have a look around the site. You'll find most of the information you need. As for touchscreen, it's possible, but the plastic case is going to interfere with it. Just depends on how much modification you want to do.