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Company Profile
Xiamen Kemus Valve Co., Ltd., registered capital: 50 million RMB. The headquarters is located in Xiamen, a beautiful garden city with convenient traffic and information. The company has a production base in Xiamen and Zhejiang. The company has always used the concept of "the production of global flow valve pipe equipment" as the purpose of enterprise development. It has achieved remarkable achievements after several years of continuous innovation and progress.
The office is located on Room No 512, Zhimingxing Technology Building No 18, Honglian West Road,Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian province, China. We have 100 employees, over 24% of the engineering technicians and management personnel above the intermediate level, including 3 senior engineers and 1 famous national valve experts. And with Xiamen University, Xiamen Overseas Chinese University, Jimei University and other institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes to establish a stable production, learning, research cooperation. The company has a high level of R & D, manufacturing, testing and testing capabilities. The product structure is reasonable, the production process is unique and exquisite, the specifications are complete, the quality is reliable, and the product delivery rate is 100%.
We company specializes in all kinds of high, medium and low pressure valve standardized production and manufacturing, has passed and obtained IS09001, API-6D, CE, TS certification and certification. And ensure that the company strictly implements the requirements in accordance with the requirements of certification. Main products: gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, steel flanges, stainless steel pipes and fittings.
The products are used in large-scale chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, nuclear power facilities, steel, metallurgy, coal mine, marine shipbuilding areas. It also provides product services for large enterprises such as Sinopec, Huadian, Guodian, Zijin and other enterprise groups.
Factory Show
KEMUS,have a first-class processing center and processing equipment,using the new industry And our strong technical force,to produce high quality end products meet international standards.strict Comply with national standards and industry standards,to ensure that products fully meet the equipment requirements before they can walk To the market,advanced automated production equipment,sophisticated assembly line production,is growing.
High-quality goods consciousness and a steady stream of valve products to Chester group with each passing day.No matter How the world changes,Kemus excelsior dedication spirit forever.
It has passed and obtained certifications and certificates such as ISO 9001,AP1-6D, CE and TS. And to ensure that the company in the management of the law has no reason to enforce the requirements. Main products: gate valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, globe valves, check valves, steel flanges, stainless steel pipes and fittings.
Certificate Of Approval    
Health And Safety Certificate
ISO 9001  
First Level Supplier Certificate
Manufacture License Of Special Equipment
Business license
Production Market
In The Domestic Market:
Our company has an experienced and skilled sales service team and a perfect sales service network around the whole China. The Domestic Market Center in Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Shanxi, Sichuan, Xinjiang and Anhui. In order to better serve the general customers, our KEMUS valve has already founded many working agencies in the nation 15 provinces and municipality, and also mobile agencies in 5 provinces. The major radiation areas of these working agencies are East China, South China, Central China, Southwest China and Northeast China.
In International Trade:
Since 2010 our company successfully signed an international trade order, KEMUS valve took this as an opportunity to develop international trade. KEMUS valve products has found a goodsale in so many countries and regions, such as Indonesia, Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Poncho, Middle East and Africa, and with the reliable and stable quality, our company also has a good reputation at home and abroad. Now, there are more than 130 countries andregions that use our valves.
Our Service
Pre-sale service:
As the good customers staff officer and assistant , let every one of users make the investment and obtain the generous repayment.
(1) Choice of the type of the equipment.
(2) According to the customers special requirement, design and make the products.
(3) Train the technical staff for the customer.
(4) Offer the technological consultation of new , special , difficult construction or draft the suitable construction scheme.
Sales service:
Respect the customer; Give one of customer rest assured one light, one pleasant surprise; Devoted to improving the customers whole value.
(1) Deliver goods to the customers in guarantee period .
(2) Confirmation in advance of the products.
(3) Recommend achieving high service system to the customer.
After service:
Improve customers whole value, let customers not have worry.
(1) Help users to draft the initial construction scheme.
(2) Rigging up and debugging.
(3) Train the attendant live.
(4) Patrol and examine the equipment regularly.
(5) Fast voluntarily , arrange the reason live.
(6) Guarantee the fittings and deliver goods to the customers.
(7) Follow-up service of the key project .
(8) Look for and unsatisfied with users potentially actively, complain about recycle treatment.
(9) Offer the overbalanced service.
(10)Offer the chance of the exchange of technology.
(11)Launch great items of maintenance business.Stainless Steel Ball Valve