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I'm using your post from August on putting together one of your V4 boards as I have access to a reflow oven and enough experience designing my own boards. I'm under a time crunch for Christmas so I had to find all of the items on either Digikey or Mouser. But I haven't been able to find the Mini USB Breakout/Adapter board that you use to attach to the V4 board. I figured you did it like that (attached to the adapter board but flipped upside down) to align it with the slot better. 

I know that the USB slot is not required to make it work as it just connects to the PI, but I'd really like to finish the whole thing if possible. Can you by any chance tell me where you acquired it, or if you designed and ordered it yourself?

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I'm working through all these posts that came in while I was working on kits.

That link has the USB and headphone boards.

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Thank you for your share Othermod..

I think of leaving a MS DUO connector and using a low cost converter for putting a micro sd card. Today, it is quite easy to loose all these MicroSD Card lol..


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I never tried adapting the Duo connector to MicroSD and interfacing with the Pi. It seemed that they were electrically different, so I never attempted it. I'd be interested in seeing the result if you get it working.