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OEM CNC Machined Stainless Steel Parts suppliers

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Our history
Shenzhen CXZN smart Co., Ltd. hereinafter short as CXZN smart is a professional designer, manufacturer and service provider of high precision mechanical parts and non-standard automation equipment.
Founded in 2010, head quartered in Shenzhen, China, CX owns a professional team of 50, as well as a manufacturing base nearly 4000 sqms.  With over 10 milling machines, 8 CNC machining centers, 5 lathes, 6 wire cutting machines, 3 redial drilling machines, 2 sawing machines, 4 precision grinder, 1 precise coordinate bore. CX is able to make and deliver each order at its shortest cycle.
Quality and service is the key to success.Innovation and efficiency is the way to increase value.
Auto Industry
-CNC milling
-CNC Turning
Medical equipment
Plastic field
Non-standard equipment
At CXZN smart we have extensive experience working with A full range of materials including:
• Stainless steel
• Titanium
• All grades of plastics
• Brass
• Bronze
• Aluminium
• Ferrous steels
Stainless Steel Part
Aluminum Parts
Aluminum Parts
Injection Plastic Parts
Carbon Steel Parts
In order to supply finished components to customer specifications, we work with reliable suppliers of finishing treatments both local and countrywide. Treatments include:
• Anodising
• Plating (Zinc, Chrome, Nickel Etc.)
• Powder And Wet Paint
• Phosphate
• Polishing/Graining
Manufacture Capability
• Turning
• Swiss-Style Turning
• Milling (Including Dedicated PEEK)
• Deep Hole Gun Drilling
• Forging
• Bolt Bending
• Shearing
• Thread Rolling
• Thread Cutting
• Grinding
• EDM (Wire & Sink)
Manufacture Capability
• Production and Quality Tracking System with SAP/MII
• CAD/CAM Systems
• Advanced Inspection Equipment
• Rapid Prototyping
• Automated Vending
      OEM CNC Machined Stainless Steel Parts suppliers
website: http://www.cxznsmart.com/