This page has everything that I’m working on, but that hasn’t yet been documented on the site.

Upcoming Projects:

PSPi 1000 Version 4 – Research phase, features are subject to change, no ETA yet

  • The Version 3 has only been shipping for 4 weeks, but design work is already underway on the next version.
  • LCD driven using GPIO. All LCD control integrated onto the all-in-one, including voltage bucking and boosting. No external controller needed. Allows for new features such as backlight control.
  • Possible improvement to charging. The current charge circuitry uses a linear regulator to charge a battery, and I’m testing an upgraded one featuring a switching regulator. The benefit is far less heat output during charging.
  • Improved joystick featuring true analog input. The software work on the analog/digital converters is nearly complete.
  • Possible precision battery voltage monitoring. If included, this would allow the battery charge percentage to be shown on the screen.
  • Overall increased efficiency due to more integrated features.
  • The PSPi 1000 will benefit greatly from the improvements, but a major goal is to prepare for the 2000 and 3000 versions and transfer many of the designs straight over.

PSPi 2000 and 3000 – Research in progress, no ETA yet

  • All-in-one boards for the PSP 2000 and 3000. Right now there are lots of unknowns.
  • I’ve started testing, and there is one major issue that needs to be resolved. There is far less available space in the 2000 and 3000 PSPs, and this means that the LCD controller will probably have to be integrated or the LCD needs to be driven using GPIO. I’m working on a new version of the PSPi 1000 with a GPIO-driven LCD while I’m doing the 2000 and 3000 research and design.
  • I anyone has access to a datasheet for the PSP 2000 series it would be a big help. So far I’ve been unable to find it. The LCD part number is LS043T3PX01.

Something non-PSP

  • I’m going to start on some different projects. These might be Raspberry Pi or Arduino centered, but they won’t be related to gaming.

Upcoming Posts:

MCP300x Analog to Digital Converter for Joystick (the configuration is complete and code is now working, it just needs some tweaking)

I2S Digital Audio

Driving an LCD Using GPIO

Upcoming Tutorials:

Audio Filter and Amplifier – Installation Guide

Improved Lithium Charge Module – Installation Guide

Upcoming Products:

2A Lithium Charge Module (5v 2A input for charging, minimum 2A output)

LCD 3.3v Buck Converter (filtered for smooth 3.3v)