Giveaway – March 2017 – PSPi 1000 Version 3 Kit

Giveaway is complete. The winner is duskycub.

In celebration of its official release (even if it is backordered like crazy), this month’s giveaway is the PSPi 1000 Version 3 Kit.

This will work exactly the same as the last giveaway. Just comment on the post. I’m not concerned with what each comment says, just making a comment is enough. Tell your friends, share the news, just get the word out. More people getting involved leads to more collaboration, and that leads to better projects.

Please only comment once. The kit will go to a random person at the end of the month. If you won a previous giveaway you are still welcome to enter.

Feel free to ask questions here or in the forum. If you ask questions here, then I’ll wait until the giveaway is complete to answer them.

I’ll ship this anywhere in the world.

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  1. Great work here! Just finishing up my 2.1 build, and planning on doing another with the W. Trying it with a version 3 board would make it a lot nicer! 🙂

  2. I just replaced a lcd on my old psp and a new housing, i’d love to re-purpose the old black housing and this is an awesome project…been meaning to get a pi zero, my model B is rad an all, but not TINY!!

  3. Planning on building my beloved PSP into a mobile gaming/hacking Station. The PSP Case is just way to beautiful to not be used! And for free?! A DREAM!

    Greetings from Germany 😉
    (PS: thanks for the awesome Idea and all the work!)

  4. Thank you! I’m about 35% into my Version 2.1 build and would love to do another using Version 3. Hats off to you for all the work you have put into designing the boards and doing the research to make this accessible and easier for the rest of us.

  5. I’m a big fan of what u do and just wanted to say thank you for the inspiration . I have built a game boy zero and would love to win one of your kits to build a psp 1000

  6. I’ve already ordered an awesome 2000.1 Kit, but i’m lagging behind the LCD modification (i have to remove the inductor and attach the buck converter), so right now i have an half dismantled psp, and another one that is still untouched… it would be awesome to actually use it for the PSPi 3000 Kit…

    Thanks for the awesome work

  7. so i was killing time at work by stumbling online, and boom i come across this page with 10 pi zero projects and the first one was of an old gameboy color and instantly i was like “damn bruh i gots to makes me one of em”. next thing you know im on youtube for about 15 min before your video pops up on the pspi v1, at this point my nintendo chub went away and man oh man ive never piched a tent so fast in my life. long story short this project looks amazeballs cant wait to start one of my own. keep up the great work thank you for all your effort and time put into developing these boards, your a godsent man, finally going to be able to dust off that working psp and the parts doner as well

  8. Have recently started thinking about making multiple handheld consoles running pi zeros so this would be an ideal first try, would be good to see how well it works for a newbie in regards to diy. free one would be even better. cheers for the good work guys.

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