Giveaway – February 2017

Giveaway is complete. Congrats to skut for winning

Last month’s giveaway was pretty successful, so let’s do it again. This month will be the Portable Power Kit. You can use this kit to make your Raspberry Pi or Arduino project (or really anything that runs on 5v) portable. It has my new power module, on/off board, low battery board, and 2 lithium batteries.

Please let others know about the giveaway. The purpose is to get more people involved in these projects.

This will work exactly the same as the last giveaway. Comment on this post. That’s all. I’m not concerned with what the comment says, just making a comment is enough.

Please only comment once. I know some of you had login issues last month, but everything should work now. The kit will go to a random person on 2/25. If you won a previous giveaway you are still welcome to enter.

Feel free to ask questions here or in the forum. If you ask questions here, then I’ll wait until 2/25 to answer them.

I’ll ship this anywhere in the world.

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  1. Nice work!

    Allen, been following along on your posts. Wanted to start last weekend but work got in the way. Should have time this weekend to pull apart the monitor.

  2. Still amazed by your project.
    Got a few ideas for new revisions, but don’t know if it will fit… Still working on cad files for this.
    Mounting holes for the Pi and an angled 40pin socket on the custom board to make this project more modular.
    Keep it up. Greetings from Germany
    Maybe a custom printed shell in the future to get a Pi3 inside 😞

  3. Hey great idea to have another giveaway. I would definitely use this because I am currently building portable raspberry pi server and I need to have there something like UPS when power is down.

  4. Loving your work dude, just impatiently waiting on the newest pcb prototype to be finalised. Been following this for a long time and its amazing to see the evolution from a bundle of sliced up wires soldered together, to what you’ve built now!

  5. I am really interested in this project and i would like to do it myself, but i have very limited access to funds considering im only 15. I have decent knowledge with electronic work and i want the pspi to be my next project. I love the work you have done, keep it up!

  6. just got 2 PSPs to mod cant wait to get started. kids have some cheap knock off Chinese version pf a PSP hoping to maybe put a pi zero in those too and this would help alot.

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