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Do you have another Pi Zero that you can test the SD card in... 5 days  ago
It sounds like an issue with the Raspberry Pi. Are you confi... 1 week  ago
The small boards for controls, ribbon cables, LCD bracket, a... 4 weeks  ago
Sounds like you might have the joystick wired up incorrectly... 1 month  ago
Hmm..that's a weird one. Were you able to complete the butto... 1 month  ago
Yes, it is designed to work down to about 2.5v.  2 months  ago
Same orientation. That's the right side of the GPIO header, ... 2 months  ago
Nope, not that one. This is the connector rotated 180 degree... 2 months  ago
Exactly. My board. 2 months  ago
The left arrow and top-right arrow are always connected toge... 2 months  ago
I'm happy to take a look at it. It does sound like a defecti... 2 months  ago
The other USB port doesn't have data pins, so it won't help ... 2 months  ago
It's possible. Did you copy over all the files, including th... 2 months  ago
I'd like to get more info about what exactly the board was d... 2 months  ago
Issues with the on/off board, or with the RPi? 2 months  ago
Those numbers are exactly what I'd expect. It should be work... 2 months  ago
3,3v is what you want, so it's at least working partially.Th... 2 months  ago
Can you verify that your putting at least 5v into the LCD po... 2 months  ago
You should have contact between all the yellow areas,  and y... 2 months  ago
Do you have an ohmmeter? There are a couple things we can ch... 2 months  ago
Looks like you can get it working by shorting across the dio... 2 months  ago
I can't tell for sure, but it appears that you switched the ... 2 months  ago
You won't be able to finish the last part of the button setu... 2 months  ago
Are there any numbers on the 8-pin IC at the bottom? Do you ... 3 months  ago
I'm not sure what to make of the HDMI issue. The USB connect... 3 months  ago
All good, except green. It doesn't go to GND, it goes to the... 3 months  ago
And green attaches to the composite video source, not GND 3 months  ago
That is incorrect. Hopefully you haven't supplied power to i... 3 months  ago
Make sure it's set to 100% by hitting start and increasing i... 3 months  ago
That's what I expect should be the power path, just judging ... 3 months  ago
Wait, those numbers aren't making sense. That inductor shoul... 3 months  ago
I've tested this same type of IC down to 4.9v without issues... 3 months  ago
That will happen if the joystick isn't wired up, or if it is... 3 months  ago
That's probably the best thing to try. There's not much that... 3 months  ago
Did you copy over the files and run the installer? 3 months  ago
Ok this is the standard MP3302-style chip used in most of th... 3 months  ago
I am trying to find a dtasheet for the AS269 IC. Can you att... 3 months  ago
Can you post a pic of the bottom side of the board? 3 months  ago
That covers all the power input. It's definitely doing it's ... 3 months  ago
Are you getting 3.3v on both sides of the inductor labeled 4... 3 months  ago
Ok keep it the way it is for now and let's check one more th... 3 months  ago
Is the other one modified yet? If not, try removing the diod... 3 months  ago
I have a size limit on images, so that's probably the issue.... 3 months  ago
Are you able to post pictures of the wires that attach the b... 3 months  ago
Ok. I've got you covered. Another one will be headed your wa... 3 months  ago
And can you verify that you have composite attached to this ... 3 months  ago
That's odd. Wiring looks good, so it's probably either the c... 3 months  ago
Well, that's a new one. There's not much that can go wrong o... 3 months  ago
Use lots of flux too. I had to do the same thing on a test b... 3 months  ago
 Do you have a voltmeter?When you hit the power switch you s... 3 months  ago
No, it should just work. 4.06v to the LCD is very strange. A... 3 months  ago
Thanks AssomniaMustang3027  - Have a look around the site. Y... 3 months  ago
Posted by: Dennis CarlinThe LCD seems to run with a 5v power... 4 months  ago
I love the video. Excellent work.  4 months  ago
Posted by: SeconHi I write because I like the idea to get a ... 4 months  ago
Posted by: KevinI hooked the pi up to a display and nothing ... 4 months  ago
Posted by: Dennis CarlinI got the recommended LCD and comple... 4 months  ago
I'm thinking about dabbling in 3D printing after the V4 boar... 4 months  ago
Posted by: skin008This board is my test board.Although it wo... 4 months  ago
Beautiful work. I'll be making a daughter board similar to t... 4 months  ago
You should be able to now. It was set to prevent editing aft... 4 months  ago
Hey had a little forum glitch and this wasn't showing in my ... 4 months  ago
Enough room to have a small heat sink on the zero cpuStill t... 4 months  ago
Once you do that, I recommend using some 91% rubbing alcohol... 4 months  ago
Posted by: KevinSorry it took so long. I've removed the wire... 4 months  ago
Posted by: elpropheDear Sir received your v3 kit about a wee... 4 months  ago
I'm happy to help. Can I get some pics showing the LCD contr... 4 months  ago
Does holding the switch for a few seconds kill power to ever... 4 months  ago
Ok I was asking about the Zero W because it doesn't automati... 4 months  ago
Is that using a Zero W? 4 months  ago
I'm very happy you got it working.I definitely welcome feedb... 4 months  ago
The switch only turns off the speakers. If the headphones ar... 4 months  ago
Only the volume buttons are wired and configured, the Home b... 5 months  ago
Wow that's a weird one. They must have changed the design in... 5 months  ago
It actually display the rainbow like any start and shut off ... 5 months  ago
I'm not sure because I've done very little with multiboot. I... 5 months  ago
Here ya go 5 months  ago
Nope. Was just making sure it wasn't maybe being caused by a... 5 months  ago
You can right-click and save as to download it intact. Notep... 5 months  ago
Check out the Installation tab on the LCD product page. This... 5 months  ago
Yeah anything over 2.5v is enough to keep it on. I'm a littl... 5 months  ago
Does the pin stay at 3.3v the whole time? 5 months  ago
Could be lots of things causing it, and the simplest way to ... 5 months  ago
I used Google Translate so everyone else can appreciate your... 5 months  ago
I am speechlessIch bin sprachlos 5 months  ago
I sent you an email. 5 months  ago
Ok those values are normal. Doesn't sound like the joystick ... 5 months  ago
Possible causes:FPC cable not fully inserted into FPC-24 on ... 5 months  ago
You should be getting somewhere around 2.6v on the X and Y p... 5 months  ago
I'm 99.9% sure it's because the joystick either isn't solder... 5 months  ago
When you unplug the power and hit the power button, what LED... 5 months  ago
Some of the electronics and brackets are needed. I recommend... 6 months  ago
Very cool. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for checking out t... 6 months  ago
In v3 the joystick controls are tied to the same GPIO pins a... 6 months  ago
How far did you get? 6 months  ago
Cool project. Thanks for posting it. 6 months  ago
See if this helps 6 months  ago
The config.txt on the v3 page is correct. I'm certain of it.... 6 months  ago
Gotcha. Feel free to contact me directly so we can work toge... 6 months  ago
Yeah it'll work. You might need to be creative with the atta... 6 months  ago
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