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Here ya go 2 days  ago
Nope. Was just making sure it wasn't maybe being caused by a... 2 days  ago
You can right-click and save as to download it intact. Notep... 3 days  ago
Check out the Installation tab on the LCD product page. This... 3 days  ago
Yeah anything over 2.5v is enough to keep it on. I'm a littl... 3 days  ago
Does the pin stay at 3.3v the whole time? 4 days  ago
Could be lots of things causing it, and the simplest way to ... 5 days  ago
I used Google Translate so everyone else can appreciate your... 2 weeks  ago
I am speechlessIch bin sprachlos 2 weeks  ago
I sent you an email. 2 weeks  ago
Ok those values are normal. Doesn't sound like the joystick ... 2 weeks  ago
Possible causes:FPC cable not fully inserted into FPC-24 on ... 2 weeks  ago
You should be getting somewhere around 2.6v on the X and Y p... 2 weeks  ago
I'm 99.9% sure it's because the joystick either isn't solder... 2 weeks  ago
When you unplug the power and hit the power button, what LED... 2 weeks  ago
Some of the electronics and brackets are needed. I recommend... 3 weeks  ago
Very cool. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for checking out t... 3 weeks  ago
In v3 the joystick controls are tied to the same GPIO pins a... 3 weeks  ago
How far did you get? 3 weeks  ago
Cool project. Thanks for posting it. 4 weeks  ago
See if this helps 4 weeks  ago
The config.txt on the v3 page is correct. I'm certain of it.... 4 weeks  ago
Gotcha. Feel free to contact me directly so we can work toge... 1 month  ago
Yeah it'll work. You might need to be creative with the atta... 1 month  ago
There's not really an easy way to make that happen. There ar... 1 month  ago
Not much yet here. Imaged it to an SD card long enough to ve... 1 month  ago
Exactly.J+ and - are the power inputs for the joystick. 1 month  ago
Bottom left (#1) is ground, middle (#2) is positive (for rig... 1 month  ago
The channels operate independently of each other, so that's ... 1 month  ago
The config file must be replaced with mine, otherwise the bo... 1 month  ago
1) Is there a complete wiring diagram on the forum that show... 1 month  ago
It's implemented now. 1 month  ago
No, it's not an emergency or anything. Start and select are ... 1 month  ago
Removing the wires should be enough.If you remove them and i... 1 month  ago
Ok that narrows it down to an issue with the Pi itself or an... 1 month  ago
They still output 3.7v (really its 3.0v to 4.2v depending on... 1 month  ago
If you aren't getting 3.3v at the yellow pin, you can connec... 1 month  ago
Ok that rules out the easy things.If you can get that meter ... 1 month  ago
Nope, that component won't cause that to happen. That's just... 1 month  ago
The pic isn't showing up. 1 month  ago
Really nice work on that vent. Thanks for posting 1 month  ago
Keeping it somewhat on the back burner until I'm caught up o... 2 months  ago
I'm trying to keep this thread clean. This should have gone ... 2 months  ago
The RED and GRN pads connect to GND when they are going to b... 2 months  ago
For most of these projects I use 24 or 26 gage for power and... 2 months  ago
Which charge module is it? 2 months  ago
It's because volume control is not plug and play.Start, sele... 2 months  ago
Ok that's the problem. Get rid of the teal wires entirely.Th... 2 months  ago
When you say TV, does that mean you're wiring them to the RC... 2 months  ago
Posted by: Natron5.) This is where my problem happens.  If I... 2 months  ago
If you're using it for the Version 3, then I recommend leade... 2 months  ago
Everything looks right with the wiring. Do you get an activi... 2 months  ago
That rules out damage to the built-in buck converter.So that... 2 months  ago
Now that you've got power going in, check the spot I colored... 2 months  ago
The best option would be to scrape away some of the blue col... 2 months  ago
If you're only getting 1v at the red and black, then somethi... 2 months  ago
Are you getting 5v at the black/red points? 2 months  ago
This soldering station has done a great job for meLead-free ... 2 months  ago
LCD+ on the connection that should be empty could be bad.  T... 2 months  ago
The pad being lifted off the board shouldn't be an issue. If... 2 months  ago
You could try re-running the button configuration first. It'... 3 months  ago
I'll still probably update it with the recommendation that p... 3 months  ago
Are all the controls working when you're in the game list, b... 3 months  ago
I see you posted another question about the controls after p... 3 months  ago
It will, but the diode M7 will cause so much voltage drop th... 3 months  ago
You did exactly right by wiring to the converter. The first ... 3 months  ago
You will definitely fry the board if you do that. 3 months  ago
Oh no we aren't there yet. That will be awful.Disconnect the... 3 months  ago
So when you hit the switch you get no change on pin 8? You s... 3 months  ago
Lol. Just a tad bit. But hey, no spam is getting through. I ... 3 months  ago
Ok I'll test the 4.2 image to make sure that's not the probl... 3 months  ago
Ok. I'm sure it's something simple.So here's what's going on... 3 months  ago
Did you copy the config.txt file and overwrite the one that ... 3 months  ago
Check this outWhat you're dealing with is the shutdown featu... 3 months  ago
It would work the same way. The retrogame software adafruit ... 3 months  ago
Excellent. The first place to check would be where the Pi co... 3 months  ago
If you don't have an OS loaded on the SD card, then it will ... 3 months  ago
Posted by: Justencase6 Thank you Othermod for all the work y... 3 months  ago
I'll have the joystick added to the diagram this evening. 3 months  ago
Posted by: shmit i was reading thru the forum and read that ... 3 months  ago
If you get rid of the diode labeled M7 and connect a jumper ... 3 months  ago
Ok hang tight. I'm going to research a couple things and see... 3 months  ago
Posted by: st0n3y19  I have the same controller board that d... 3 months  ago
Can you edit and re-add the links? I'm adding spam filtering... 3 months  ago
Posted by: Justencase6  I have looked all over the forum and... 3 months  ago
Excellent. How's the image quality? I'm also curious how muc... 3 months  ago
That's promising. There is a good chance that this will work... 3 months  ago
Posted by: Justencase6 I'm trying to get this controller boa... 3 months  ago
It's correct. Both boards have 3 GND connections next to eac... 3 months  ago
This is what you need:The joystick is designed to work just ... 3 months  ago
Posted by: fruitybit Won't be long before I get one of these... 3 months  ago
Posted by: speck Posted by: othermod The Pi Zero W is a perf... 3 months  ago
Do you have a voltmeter to check voltages when it's turning ... 3 months  ago
Almost. Get rid of that blue wire. If you keep it connected ... 3 months  ago
The Pi Zero W is a perfect fit in the Version 3. We've now g... 3 months  ago
It appears that the RetroPie images aren't working yet. 4 months  ago
Posted by: sonicmule    She's a beauty.I'm still waiting for... 4 months  ago
Posted by: djmulder Posted by: othermod I've done some compa... 4 months  ago
I've done some comparisons. My concern was the microSD conne... 4 months  ago
The SHDN pin gets connected to GND to shut off the amp 4 months  ago
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