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Thanks, I can edit every post except the first one thoSure g... 2 weeks  ago
That's all right, I got the thing working. I wrote a >>... 2 weeks  ago
LOADING SCRIPTLAST UPDATES (09/07/17) Here is the Loading sc... 2 weeks  ago
FAQ/ISSUES :No sound in Kodi, anywhere ?! :It happen to me t... 2 weeks  ago
PSPi Triple Boot - How To - AssoMania 2 weeks  ago
I downloaded a Addon on Kodi that is called "Keymap Editor",... 1 month  ago
Posted by: othermodOk that means it's not getting the dtover... 1 month  ago
I was reading like Berryboot doesnt work on small screen siz... 1 month  ago
It actually display the rainbow like any start and shut off ... 1 month  ago
Hey again here !!!I'm happy to say that my project is up and... 1 month  ago
A other question, what about the size of the cable that I sh... 3 months  ago
Thanks for your answer, I will check for the rest online as ... 3 months  ago
Hey there !Othermod, can you give me some advices about the ... 3 months  ago
Well yeah no HD screen...I'll go for the screen of othermod.... 4 months  ago
Nice to see that I won't have any problem with the wifi when... 5 months  ago
Posted by: othermod Posted by: Assomnia Posted by: woozer Ju... 5 months  ago
I could get a PSP 2004, would this work or is it to small ?E... 5 months  ago
Posted by: woozer Just a heads up, you were talking about HD... 5 months  ago
Posted by: othermod Posted by: Assomnia Found this about the... 5 months  ago
A other thing that came into my mind. Is there any way to pl... 5 months  ago
Found this about the screen :4.3 HD screen 5 months  ago
Posted by: othermod You're totally nuts.Haha ^^Well looks li... 5 months  ago
PSPi Evolution 5 months  ago
Cool stuff ! 5 months  ago

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