This page has everything that I’m working on, but that hasn’t yet been documented on the site.

Upcoming Projects:

PSPi 2000

  • An all-in-one board for the PSP 2000. Right now there are lots of unknowns. I’ll start looking into this once I’ve got the 1000.3 board in people’s hands.

Something non-PSP

  • I’m going to start on some different projects. These might be Raspberry Pi or Arduino centered, but they won’t be related to gaming.

Upcoming Posts:

MCP300x Analog to Digital Converter for Joystick (this is proving to be very difficult because of issues with Python)

I2S Digital Audio

HDMI LCD for the PSPi

Driving an LCD Using GPIO

Upcoming Tutorials:

Audio Filter and Amplifier – Installation Guide

Improved Lithium Charge Module – Installation Guide

Updated GPIO Button Process

Upcoming Products:

2A Lithium Charge Module (5v 2A input for charging, minimum 2A output)