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The site was a little fragmented and it was beginning to get confusing, so some changes are coming. The product page for an item will soon have all the relevant information. There will be tabs for description, installation instruction, and most will have schematics and BOMs. I’ve already done a few, and eventually all of them will be done.


I ‘m doing a little better keeping the PSPi 1000 Version 2.1 Kits in stock. I really appreciate the purchases. There are some changes coming to the 2.1 kits soon that you guys should like.

The new low-battery warning board should arrive any day.

Prototype 3 of the Version 3 board should arrive any day too.


1.) AVAILABLE NOW Option 1 – PSPi 1000 Version 2.1 Kit: This kit is available now, and consists smaller boards that get wired together. It will make the soldering process easier and you won’t have to solder individual components. The boards will come with the components already soldered on. I cannot source enough composite LCDs, so I’m not including them with the kit. I’ll provide a link to the one I’ve been using. I’ll still stock the LCD, but it will be limited availability. The following boards and parts are included in the kit:

  • FPC Breakout PCBs
  • PWM Audio Amplifier with Integrated Filter
  • Advanced On/Off PCB
  • Low Battery Warning PCB
  • Lithium Charge Module
  • Batteries
  • USB Charging Cable
  • MiniUSB to USB adapter
  • 26AWG and 30AWG Wire
  • Mini Switch for Audio On/Off Control

3.) Coming Soon – PSPi 1000 Version 3 Kit. The third kit is a large board with all the connectors and components included. It will get rid of 90% of the soldering, but the price will be higher. This board is nearly complete, and the second prototype should arrive in a couple weeks. I cannot source enough composite LCDs, so I’m not including them with the kit. I’ll provide a link to the one I’ve been using. I’ll still stock the LCD when possible, but it will be limited availability. This kit will include the following:

  • A larger all-in-one board that includes the FPC-24 and FPC-10 connectors, Audio Filter, Audio Amplifier, Advanced On/Off, Low Battery Warning, Lithium Battery Management, and USB Connector, and Simple Joystick
  • Batteries
  • USB Charging Cable
  • MiniUSB to USB adapter

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  1. This is a really cool project you are doing, and sounds like a great way to bring new life to the PSP. A few questions though for these kits. I was wondering if you could expand a bit on the difference between options 2 and 3. Is it just the PCB layout and nothing else? Do the ribbon cables coming in from the PSP controls and boards being kept connect to proper ribbon connectors on either the large board or the small boards? Lastly, what is not covered by the kits? Just the pi zero, battery, screen, and SD card components?

    1. Option 3 is one single PCB. This makes it really big because it has to attach to both FPC connectors and to the Pi Zero. The audio filter, on/off circuit, low battery circuit, and joystick circuits are all included on it. Only a few things need to be soldered to get up and running. It’s costing me about $50 to get just the PCB prototypes made and that’s not including the components that have to be added.

      Option 2 will have all the same capability, but it will be individual modules that are much smaller and that cost much less to get made. You’ll have to solder the modules to each other. This method is the most appealing to me, since there is still the enjoyment of having to work a little for it. It isn’t going to be overly complicated, and I’ll post videos on YouTube showing the process.

      I will probably keep the kits separate from the LCD, Pi, etc. I will sell power modules and LCDs separate from the kits. I don’t plan to sell the Pi Zero unless the order limit on Adafruit is removed.

      Did that answer your questions?

  2. I have some second hand PSPs.. 2004, 3004 and E1000. No original PSP1000.
    Non of them have the same main pcb layout. The front bar (volume, screen,..) is always a separate cable.
    I should have a good look again on what type of FPC connectors I do need compaired to what’s on the original PSP.

    So it’s good to hear about the second option.
    What FPC PCBs are you planning on making?

    1. Yea Sony changed the layout a lot between versions. Right now I’m getting some simple breakouts made. The boards combine all the grounds to a single pin and give labeled pins for each control. I’m working on them right now and posting a 3D render on the store page once I submit them for manufacture. The FPC-24 PCB is up there now.

    1. Additional components are needed. There are three ribbons and three boards for controls, an LCD bracket, power connector, audio jack. I’m considering hunting all the parts down and selling it as an add-on to the kits.

  3. Wish I had read this thread before I started this adventure. Been piecing all of the parts needed, a real PITA. I can appreciate what you’re doing here. Oh well, wanted to build two anyways. One option 3 and one 3 + for me.

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