Audio Amplifier with Built-in Filter (Based on PAM8403)


Details: Custom PAM8403 audio amplifier with an included high-pass and low-pass filter. It can connect directly to the PWM GPIO pins on the Pi Zero. This is great for any Pi Zero project that needs simple audio output.

The SHDN pin is used to place the board into shutdown mode. Connecting the pin to GND will kill power to the board. This can be used as a simple on/off switch for the audio.

The following components are used on this board (if you prefer to build your own)

150 Ohm SMD Resistors on eBay or Amazon
270 Ohm SMD Resistors on eBay or Amazon
33nF SMD Capacitor on eBay or Amazon
10uF SMD Capacitor on eBay or Amazon
1uF SMD Capacitor on eBay or Amazon
10K Ohm SMD Resistors on eBay or Amazon
220nF SMD Capacitors on eBay or Amazon
PAM8403 on eBay or Amazon

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Additional Information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x .25 in


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