Interfacing with the FPC Connectors on the PSPi

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During the PSPi build I ran into a problem. The 24-pin PFC cable on the PSP contained all of the right-side controls, as well as the power switches and LEDs, and I needed a way to interface with this connector. My solution was cheap and fairly simple. The PSP cable cannot be soldered to directly, so I decided to attach an FPC cable with solid wires that can be soldered to.

The process begins by removing the blue rigid plastic from the end of the new FPC cable. It just needs to be heated a little to soften the adhesive for the plastic to peel off. Care needs to be taken when removing the plastic, since it is very easy to damage the end of the cable when it is heated.


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESYou (hopefully) now have an undamaged cable with bare pins and very little thickness to it. Now it needs to be attached to the PSP FPC cable. This can be done with by sandwiching the two cables together inside of an FPC24 connector. This is a very simple process as long as you’re careful and don’t bend the pins on the new cable. I found the easiest method was to insert the new cable into the connector first and then insert the PSP cable. Make sure the pins line up with each other (it wouldn’t hurt to verify using an ohmmeter).


All that remains is to separate each of the individual wires on the new FPC cable. Scissors or a sharp knife work very well at this, and it leaves you with thin wires that can be soldered to the rest of the components.

psp pinoutThe pinout for the cable is shown here. Everything in green will be for your controls. If you’re using the GPIO Buttons, then the wires shown in green will solder directly to the GPIO on the Pi. The wires connect to ground when the switches are pressed, making them a perfect fit for the Pi. The black GND wires will be connected together and soldered to a GND on the Pi. These GND wires serve as the ground for the control buttons and for the power switch. The red +5v wire feeds power to the LEDs and should be connected to the +5v power input on the Pi. There are two LEDs on the PSP, green and orange, and they share the same +5v input. The orange wires are the grounds for the LEDs, and there are separate wires for the green LED and the orange LED. Connecting each of them to GND will complete the circuit and cause the LEDs to light. The blue wires lead to the two power switches. One is momentary and connects to ground when the switch is pushed up. The other one connects to ground when the switch is in the bottom hold position.


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