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I'll have the joystick added to the diagram this evening. 23 hours  ago
Posted by: shmit i was reading thru the forum and read that ... 1 day  ago
If you get rid of the diode labeled M7 and connect a jumper ... 4 days  ago
Ok hang tight. I'm going to research a couple things and see... 4 days  ago
Posted by: st0n3y19  I have the same controller board that d... 4 days  ago
Can you edit and re-add the links? I'm adding spam filtering... 4 days  ago
Posted by: Justencase6  I have looked all over the forum and... 6 days  ago
Excellent. How's the image quality? I'm also curious how muc... 1 week  ago
That's promising. There is a good chance that this will work... 1 week  ago
Posted by: Justencase6 I'm trying to get this controller boa... 1 week  ago
It's correct. Both boards have 3 GND connections next to eac... 2 weeks  ago
This is what you need:The joystick is designed to work just ... 2 weeks  ago
Posted by: fruitybit Won't be long before I get one of these... 2 weeks  ago
Posted by: speck Posted by: othermod The Pi Zero W is a perf... 2 weeks  ago
Do you have a voltmeter to check voltages when it's turning ... 2 weeks  ago
Almost. Get rid of that blue wire. If you keep it connected ... 2 weeks  ago
The Pi Zero W is a perfect fit in the Version 3. We've now g... 2 weeks  ago
It appears that the RetroPie images aren't working yet. 3 weeks  ago
Posted by: sonicmule    She's a beauty.I'm still waiting for... 3 weeks  ago
Posted by: djmulder Posted by: othermod I've done some compa... 3 weeks  ago
I've done some comparisons. My concern was the microSD conne... 3 weeks  ago
The SHDN pin gets connected to GND to shut off the amp 4 weeks  ago
Posted by: djmulder But would the v3 board fit and work tho?... 4 weeks  ago
Posted by: Assomnia Posted by: woozer Just a heads up, you w... 1 month  ago
The pins are the same as the one in the video, everything co... 1 month  ago
Posted by: Assomnia Found this about the screen :4.3 HD scre... 1 month  ago
You're totally nuts. I'm nuts too though, and most of this s... 1 month  ago
Looking good. I like the silver case. 1 month  ago
Posted by: lawrence.erb I just pre ordered the PSP 1000 vers... 1 month  ago
Posted by: day177 You can give the wiring diagram? What are ... 1 month  ago
Posted by: day177 Raspberry support 24bit parallel lcd inter... 1 month  ago
Composite LCD Controller Board Support 1 month  ago
One more, then I'm calling it a night. This one actually arr... 1 month  ago
This LCD is a little different from the others. The LCD is 5... 1 month  ago
And another one. Can you guys tell that I've been working re... 1 month  ago
Posted by: demianc New to the site and am excited about tryi... 2 months  ago
Here is another one. I bought this one a long time ago and I... 2 months  ago
OK so I ordered a new LCD and it's different than any past o... 2 months  ago
So I removed everything that's not needed anymore, except fo... 2 months  ago
Posted by: rutledge.allen.l    Buddy you can't catch a break... 2 months  ago
Posted by: rutledge.allen.l   got another screen. Doesn't ap... 2 months  ago
0.5mm 2 months  ago
Check that out. It's an operational amplifier in the emulato... 2 months  ago
The fet would have to be in addition to the ones already in ... 2 months  ago
That's exactly the direction I'm pondering on. Using a mosfe... 2 months  ago
It's probably a leftover from a previous version of the boar... 2 months  ago
Posted by: vrpc Yea, we have a software guy that makes this ... 2 months  ago
You might be getting a voltage drop across the inductor. Wha... 2 months  ago
Posted by: trickluvdakid Did not try.Removed the buck and th... 2 months  ago
Posted by: trickluvdakid Did some continuity checks, and I a... 2 months  ago
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